Monday, 27 December 2010

Konad Leopard print

I did these today using my Christmas present...a Konad stamping kit. I've been wanting one of these for ages and made the mistake of buying plates from Ebay without realising that they weren't genuine Konad plates and that the nail varnishes I had just wouldn't work properly with them. I now have 5 plates (plus my 2 crappy Ebay ones), 3 mini Konad special polishes (White, Blue & Red) and a black 11ml special polish. I've just ordered some chrome polishes as I've read (somewhere) that they work quite will for image stamping.

For these nails I used No.17 Sphinx polish and Konad image plate M57 and finished off with Sally Hansen Insta-dry top coat.

I'm loving playing with the Konad plates, my Mum and my Nan left my house on Christmas day with colourful nails. My Nan's looked good (apart from one upside down image) but I used my Mum as a guinea pig to test the different designs!

Fizzy Cola bottles?

These were the 21st November 2010 and it was my first attempt at gradient nails. I have no clue what colours I used but I know I added the sparkle with No.7 Sparkling Silver (again!) I used a make-up sponge to get the effect right and it didn't work that well on all of my nails but it was a first attempt. My friend said they looked like fizzy cola bottles!

Pink and Black Sparkle

These were painted on the 19th November 2010. Colour suggestion form my friend Heather. Painted free hand with black polish (don't know which one) then added a layer of No.7 Sparkling Silver for a bit of glitz and used 2 coats of  Natural Collection Hibiscus to finish the other half off.

Polka dots

These were done on the 17th November 2010. Again, used a dotting tool and had matching toenails. The colour is - Fruit Salad by Collection 2000 (hot looks range)

Black dots

I did these on the 15th November 2010. Got no idea what the colours were and I did it free hand apart from the aid of a dotting tool. My toenails matched too!


Since I've got a blog for my cards and I've now started taking pictures of my nails it seemed to make sense to me to start a blog of my painted nails!
I doubt that I will update it as often as I like and I expect I'll forget to list details of Konad stamping plates and nail varnish names but then this is just for a bit of fun!