Saturday, 12 November 2011


I know I don't exactly have many followers but I really have neglected my poor little blog lately! This is just a quick update with some nail pics added for your entertainment...

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Taped Stripy Nails

I got my set of the new bundle monster plates from today and instead of using one of the amazing array of new designs I now own, I instead decided to try out the scotch tape method I found whilst blog hopping.
I thought it came out fairly well for a first attempt, although my thumb nail is a bit crooked but you don't need to see that!
First I used Lavender from George (Adsa brand polish), then added a Miss Sporty grey that doesn't seem to have a name or number (but does have a little bit of sparkle) and L'oreal Jet-set black topped with a coat of Seche Vite.

Patriotic nails

I'm really not into the whole 'Royal Wedding' thing but some of  the girls at work are. This is mainly for their entertainment. This was actually done on Good Friday and my flag finger lasted right though to today. The rest of my nails only lasted a few days (we were helping the in-laws move and thats not too kind on your nails!)
The blue is MUA shade 9, the red is Milan a Nails Inc freebie (that I got with diet coke!) and the white is China Glaze white on white (my only china glaze polish!) I painted the flag freehand and only had one on my left hand, I don't think I could have done it on my right!
I love the way this photo came out, now it's getting sunnier I think I'll have to take more nail picture in the garden.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Water marble nails

Whilst blog hopping I found this tutorial on how to to marble designs on nails - My simple little pleasures. It looks really cool and I want to try but I shall have to wait until I have nails again!

Acrylic Adventures

It's been a while since I've updated my nail blog and the main reason is that my nails just haven't been great lately. So much so that I decided to get acrylics. I bought a kit to do them myself (I don't like other people touching my nails!) I did a fair amount of research and decided on a Rio Acrylic dip kit. Comes with nail tips and an acrylic setting powder. It was pretty easy to do really, but it took me all evening and I ended up having to buff out a few ridges that I had missed the following day.

I was pretty happy with them, apart from not being able to pick small things up or scratch very well!
They lasted 2 days at work and then I cracked one. I wouldn't mind if I was doing something bad but all I did was open a box of tablets (I'm a dispenser in a pharmacy) and my right hand thumb nail cracked down the middle. I think if they had lasted a bit better that I would have carried on with them and tried to infill when the time came but if they are going to crack during such a simple task then they are not worth the bother. It took me another evening to get them all off!

Now as a result my nails are all short and probably fairly weak. I really hope they don't take too long to grow as I've just ordered the new nail art plates from Amazon by bundlemoster. They are meant to have bigger full nail images on them now and that was the only reason I have not got the other set already, the full nail designs are my favourite.

I'm hoping (if my poor, poor nails can stand it) to do a Royal wedding manicure. I'm not really into the wedding at all but two of my friends at work are and I know they will appreciate it!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Teal and Silver

Konad image plate M69 stamped with Stargazer silver chrome polish (bargain from Ebay) with No.7 totally teal as the base colour. Don't look too close, it needs tidying a little!

I was really pleased with how well the chrome polish stamped. It dries quicker than the Konad special polish so you really don't have any time to waste when stamping but it gave a nice crisp image and my top coat didn't smudge the design at all.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Silver sparkle

Konad plate M78, Konad black special polish and Rimmel 239 your majesty. Topped off with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat (I always use this with Konad)
I am NOT showing you my thumb mail as I broke it pretty low down today at work!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Aqua Fishnet

These are my nails today. I love this one! The polish is Rimmel (60 seconds range) Sky High and I used Konad white special polish & plate M57 (fast becoming my favourite plate!)

The pictures unfortunately show up my not so good clean up job. I had to improvise a little on my thumb nail as the design on the plate just isn't big enough to cover my whole nail (I guess I have wide nails) so I painted a strip in white (not a good white either, must get a better one!) and added some nail stickers that I bought a few weeks back (might have been in Savers but not really sure) and I don't think it looks too bad.
I tried to do this design in Konad black but for some reason my stamper just wouldn't pick up the whole of the image, worked a treat in white, just not in black.

Pink & Black Konad

Did these the day after Boxing Day and didn't really do a good job! The little finger is smudged, most are wonky and the other hand looked a terrible site. Oh well, practice makes perfect!
I used Rimmel (60 seconds range) Euphoria and Konad special black polish & plate M69